Tua Rosa. The rosé Tuscan allure.

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A rosé wine that is lively and fresh, easy-going yet elegant. Tua Rosa pairs perfectly with spring and a glamorous lifestyle.Fattoria di Calappiano, an ancient De Medici residence now owned by the Sensi family, in mid-1800s was purchased by Henry Savage Landor, grandchild of the poet and literary personality Walter Savage Landor, Shakespeare’s biographer. Henry was an artist, explorer and writer and brought to the Fattoria fi nds and mementos of his trips. A large variety of roses still grow in the gardens and the most ancient and fragrant of them was brought back by Henry from a trip on the shores of England and that Henry’s famous British poet grandpa dedicated to Elfrida Mangioni of Florence when he proposed to her. In love with this romantic tale, we created “Tua Rosa” a lively and contemporary rosé wine with a Tuscan allure and a glamourous style.

It all starts from the rediscovery in our rose garden of a precious rose variety, the Stanwell Perpetual. This particular ancient British rose, of a beautiful mother-of-pearl pink, fragrant and with character, can perfectly adapt itself to our Tuscan lands and it fi lls the sea air brought forth by the wind from the shore, carrying with it freshness and liveliness in the most color-fi lled months of the year. This is how “Tua Rosa” is born: to bottle in the fragrance and fl avors of this rose, along with the essence of spring

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